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Anadrol: Benefits and Side-Effects
Description: Anadrol is a potential anabolic steroid which is popular under the trade names Anadrol 50 and Androyd. There are numerous benefits of this steroid incuding treatment of gastrointestinal disease, osteoporosis and anemia and treating underweight problems etc. Today, this steroid is generally used to promote weight gain, muscle mass and enhancing Red Blood Cell count.  It is available in the black market in the form of tablets, liquid and capsules for bodybuilding.
    •    Chemical Name: Oxymetholone
    •    Chemical Formula:17 beta-hydroxy-2-hydroxymethylene-17 alpha-methyl-5 alpha-androstan-3-one
    •    Molecular Formula: C 21 H 32 O 3
    •    Molecular Weight: 332.482
    •    Active Life:     •    Effective Dosage: 100mgs
    •    Melting Point: 178-180C

Anadrol is also known as Oxymetholone. This steroid is one of the most popular steroids among sportsmen and bodybuilders. This powerful steroid has its ability to enhance the production and urinary release of erythropoietin.
Benefits of Anadrol

Anadrol was initially developed in the 1960’s by Syntex Pharmaceuticals as an alternate to treat anemia and osteoporosis. The steroid has a number of benefits while taking this drug. But, after the development of its non-steroid alternatives i.e. epoetin alpha, it’s in less use.
Here are a few benefits of this steroid:

    •    Anemia: This steroid is highly utilized in the treatment of anemia. It also improves the production of erythropoietin hormone which ensures the production of red blood cells.
    •    Develop Muscle Tissue: This steroid is utilized to develop the muscle tissue and also aids in lean body mass.
    •    Performance Enhancement: Anadrol is highly popular among bodybuilders and athletes to enhance their performance. This steroid aids in developing lean body mass which ensures improvement in strength and helps the bodybuilders and athletes to perform well.
    •    Osteoporosis: Anadrol is utilized in the treatment of osteoporosis and to relieve patients from the pain.
    •    Supplement to Other Steroids: This steroid has another benefit of acting as a supplement to other steroids. Anadrol is usually stacked with other steroids to enhance their activity.
Side-Effects of Anadrol

Gastric Problems: Numerous gastric problems may arise in your body if you are taking Anadrol i.e. vomiting, stomach irritation etc.
Mood Swings: Mood swings, anxiety, irritation, headache are some of the common side- effects of Anadrol.
Weight-Related Problems: Sudden gain or loss of weight might arise if you are taking this steroid. In such case, you need to contact your physician.
Masculinity in Ladies: Anadrol is not a medication that can be considered as appropriate to ladies. Along these lines, ladies on a high or delayed dosage of the medication may experience the ill effects of masculinity inconveniences. What's more, these may be perpetual. Consequently, ladies must be exceptionally mindful while utilizing this medication and must not devour the medication without medicine.
Untimely Pubescence in Men: Puberty may happen before time in men because of the impact of this medication. In the event that any such side-effect happens, counsel your doctor as quickly as time permits.
Skin and Hair Related Issues: Hair loss, skin inflammation, rashes, and development of facial hair and so on some symptoms that Anadrol may leave on your skin and hair. Nonetheless, these are brief impacts and may invert when the steroid utilization is stopped. Change in the extent of balls, inconveniences in pee, development of penis, continuous erections are some symptoms that this medication may bring about in the men using it.
Swelling: Swelling of lower legs, feet, face or lips is a typical side-effect of the Anadrol 50 steroid.
Sleep Disorders: Sleeping issues like a sleeping disorder, uneasiness, wheezing or excitation are the essential reactions that happen in the general population on a dosage of this medication.
Hypertension: High circulatory strain, as brought about by each anabolic steroid, is another reaction of this anabolic steroid also. In this way, get your pulse convenient checked while on a dosage of this medication.
Hazard to Liver (like Dianabol): As of numerous other anabolic steroids, anadrol too causes toxication of the lever. It makes the liver exceedingly poisonous and if the dosage is too high or delayed, it might for all time harm the liver. Be that as it may, in every other circumstance, these poisonous impacts are not perpetual, but rather can be destructive if they persevere for quite a while. This is the motivation behind why liquor utilization is disallowed by doctors to the patients who are on a dosage of this medication.
Impacts on Cholesterol Levels: Anadrol builds the levels of LDL (the awful cholesterol) and brings down the levels of HDL (the great cholesterol) which can end up being hurtful over the long haul. Thus, get your cholesterol levels consistently checked till the utilization of this steroid is continued. Gynecomastia and water maintenance are additionally among the various side-effects of this steroid.
Impacts in Females: Deepening or hoarsening of the voice, clitoral broadening, and sporadic menstrual cycles are the side-effects that may happen in females by using this steroid.

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Super strong anadrol my strength went up tremendously had no issues with it first cycle I’ve ran since tearing a pec this helped me get back my strength quickly ran it at 100mgs for 4 weeks good product will definitely take again on next bulk