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Description: Cytomel is the trade name for the synthetic thyroid hormone Liothyronine Sodium. It has been utilized medicinally since the 1890’s. This steroid proves to be highly beneficial in the treatment of hypothyroidism. This powerful steroid is highly popular among performance enhancement athletes. T3 steroid is more powerful than T4. It affects the metabolic rate in a stimulating sense. It is utilized in numerous cellular functions including the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Headache, nervousness, sweating, menstrual irregularities, increased bowel motility are some of the common side-effects of this steroid.

T3 means triiodothyronine, it is a thyroid hormone, transporting oxygen to the cells, tissues, and glands all over the body. It combines with nuclear thyroid hormone receptors in diverse cells along with tissues. In distinction to T4 which possess a protracted half-life of more than a few days, T3 has a lesser half-life and fades away more quickly from our blood subsequent to a single dose. It works by complementing the natural levels of thyroid hormone present in our body at the time of any imbalances in our metabolism. This drug should not be administered in order to treat infertility unless; it is the result of an imbalance in thyroid hormone levels. An adequate amount of thyroid hormone helps children to learn and grow in a better way.

T3 is frequently used for a short episode of time subsequent to thyroid surgery, following which administration of T3 is put to an end before the administration of radioactive iodine. Various studies have reported that patients suffering from hypothyroidism when treated with T3 feel healthier and may have less depression as compared with the patients treated through only thyroxine.
Benefits of T3
    •    T3 is an outstanding fat burner for the reason that, our metabolism gets augmented to a great extent while administering this drug. One can calm down to some extent for the duration of pre-contest dieting while it will still burn up the fat when we are consuming in a large number of calories because our metabolism will still be operating fast.
    •    By consuming T3 our bodies significantly augment protein effectiveness; on the other hand, we also boost the speed with which protein is wrecked down. Due to this, ample quantity of proteins must be consumed in however this is excellent news as, despite the fact that we have need of additional than usual, every gram is now being employed to an extreme superior degree. Additionally, when our body gets T3, it enhances the pace with which glucose is metabolized by escalating the velocity with which glycogen is conked down. The earlier this happens the quicker our body is mandatory to rely on stocked up body fat for power supply.
    •    With the consumption of T3, our body amplifies the pace with which cholesterol is conked out; the entire of these things seriously support in mounting the speed of lipolysis.
    •    T3 can render null and void the indications of hypothyroidism furthermore, it treats goiter too.
    •    It is also helpful in tests for hypothyroidism.
Dosage and Instructions

In order to attain an enduring edge in fat loss or to facilitate in maintaining an idyllic body work of art,  the dosage for T3 is extremely low, 12.5 mcg per day but in a few cases as high as 25 mcg per day. At the lesser end of this array, characteristically thyroid testing will demonstrate no measurable control even with extended use. At the elevated end, reasonable control is occasionally seen, but the consequences are better as compared to when T3 is not administered, and the control renders null and void speedily upon ceasing the usage of T3.
As thyroid hormone is present naturally in our body, more or less anybody can take T3. On the other hand, one may not be capable of making use of this medicine if you suffer from a particular thyroid disease known as thyrotoxicosis or an adrenal gland disorder that is not restricted by treatment.
To check that you can safely consume T3, inform your doctor if you suffer from any of the following conditions:
    •    Chest pain
    •    Congestive Heart Failure
    •    Any sort of diabetes
    •    Coronary Artery Disease
    •    Disorders of pituitary or adrenal gland
If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, T3 is not anticipated to damage an unborn baby. Still, inform your doctor if you turn out to be pregnant, as your dose requirements may be special for the duration of pregnancy.
Minute amounts of T3 can get ahead into breast milk, although this is not anticipated to spoil a nursing baby. Conversely, do not make use of this medicine without informing your doctor when you are breastfeeding a little one.
You should inform your physician if you are already consuming birth control pills, insulin, a blood thinner or any anti-depressant.

Some general side effects caused due to T3 includes heat intolerance, headache, weight gain, increased bowel activity, bad temper, nervousness, menstrual troubles, depression, and chest pain.
Serious side effects reported are hives; distension of the mouth, esophagus, tongue as well as face; inhalation problems; and anaphylaxis, all symptoms of an allergic reaction entailing instantaneous medical help. Furthermore, too many doses of T3 may fabricate warning signs of thyroid storm. Thyroid storm symptoms are an excessively speedy heartbeat, extremely elevated blood pressure, tremendous restlessness, and perplexity.
Life is the most precious gift to us so; it is our duty to take good care of our health, therefore before taking consuming any type of medication one must contact the physician.

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